Sunland Caravan Problems Long Gone In 2019

September 11, 2019

Sunland Caravand Phoenix MY19 Off Road Caravan Review

Sunland Caravan Problems are very few according to the many, many happy customers served over the past 15 years. As Sunland Caravans goes from strength to strength, with literally millions of kilometers of ‘real off road’ testing now behind the product, the quality and innovation continues to drive forward in a positive direction. If you are doing your due diligence while on the hunt for your off road caravan, consider the following…

Off Road Caravans need to be built to last, to handle the harsh and varied outback terrain, to sustain you for periods of isolation and of course to remain in-tact. Should anything go wrong, which does of course happen, it goes with the territory, then a first rate support system from the manufacturer is vital.

Sunland Caravans’ qualified, highly experienced off road caravan manufacture team are also active in the caravan service & repair section. With all the experience, plus the state of the art machinery and workshops used in the production of caravans, Sunland can take on repairs, upgrades and insurance work to any make or type of recreational vehicle.

With so many off road caravan manufacturers to choose from, deciding who you will invest what is no small sum of your hard earned money with, overwhelming as it may seem, boils down to a few stand out factors.

  • – How long have they been manufacturing off road caravans? Sunland for example, have been building full off road caravans for over 15 years.
  • – Do they have good, recent reviews to back them as a quality product with excellent after sales service.
  • – Have they won industry awards, are they backed by their peers. Sunland have a trophy cabinet filled with awards as far back as 2007.

If you take those considerations as a good starting point at least, it will help steer you towards the manufacturers who are proven in the field, pun intended!