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About Sunland Caravans

Combining exceptional experience and an uncompromising attention to details is key at Sunland Caravans.

Sunland Caravans is a Queensland based, family owned and operated company. Manufacturing high quality Caravans to the Australian market for the past 12+ years, Sunland Caravans has forged a reputation as being one of the best of the bests.

Sunland Caravans can been seen featuring in magazines and TV shows from Caravan and Motorhome Magazine to the What’s Up Down Under TV program.

Sunland Caravans has enjoyed the support of the caravan industry, winning awards such as Best Aussie Vans 2015 with Caravan World. Many people working within in the caravan industry have purchased a Sunland Caravan.

Tough Off Road

“The best parts of Australia don’t have paved roads leading to them and a lot of people want to visit them and do it in comfort.

You shouldn’t take a caravan design for the road off the blacktop. Even corrugated dirt roads can shake a normal caravan to pieces. Our off-road caravans have been built tough – from the suspension all the way through to using polished stainless steel mirrors [instead of glass] in the ensuite”, Roy says.

Roy’s passion to build high quality caravans drew some like-minded and equally skilled people to him. Indeed, four of the original small team have stayed with him. “They’re dyed-in-the-wool master craftsmen”, Roy says adding, “They’ve put their heart and soul into building these superb caravans for all these years”.

Roy’s sense of fair play saw that it was only right that they become financial stakeholders in Sunland Caravans.

More recently on board are his wife Tess and son Tarrot, who bring with them their own skills and talents.

“Having family in the business is great”, Roy says, adding with a smile, “You can make them work that much harder!”

There is more than a hint of truth in that, as just like his father, Tarrot gives his mobile number to all his customers. “They can call us at any time”, Tarrot says.

“When you’re selling a high quality, high value product, you’ve got to know your customers very well. You’ve got to know their preferences and their expectations. Those in the market for a Sunland caravan have worked exceedingly hard in their respective careers, and knowing success, they simply won’t tolerate bad service”, Tarrot says.

Sunland will continue making tough and luxurious off-road caravans just like it has from the beginning. This is great news for its many loyal supporters who have been well off the beaten track and back again.

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